York University Toronto Acceptance Rate In 2024 – 2025

Been wondering what York University Toronto acceptance rate really looks like? If so, read on to learn everything there is to know about York University Toronto’s entrance standards and acceptance rate.

Toronto, the third-largest city for universities in Canada, is where York University is situated. With 55,000 students, more than 7,000 staff members, and 300,000 alumni, this university has a sizable community. This university has more than 8600 foreign students from 178 different nations.

Because York University has a very high acceptance rate, you must be quite serious if you intend to apply for admission. Students from Canada and other countries can apply for admission. Without further ado, let’s talk about York University Toronto’s entrance criteria.

York University Acceptance Rate Figures

Each year, more over 50,000 applications for admission to York University are received. With 206,297 applications on record, out of whom 55,700 were accepted, the average acceptance rate for York University last year was little over 27 percent, with a ratio of 43 percent male and 57 percent female candidates.

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York University Undergrad Acceptance Rate was 89%:

York University Toronto acceptance rate for undergraduates. Here is the York University Toronto acceptance rate, with a total of 55,843 applications, 49,700 of whom were admitted, York University had an average acceptance rate of 89 percent for undergraduate courses.

York University Graduate Acceptance Rate was 11%:

York University Toronto acceptance rate for graduates. With a total of 54,546 applications, York University had an average acceptance rate of 11%; 6000 of these candidates were granted admission.

On the other hand, York was admitting a maximum number of candidates each year because it felt that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue a degree. Based on these figures, York University’s average acceptance rate for its 150+ degree programs ranged from 70 to 85 percent annually.

Why should you study at York University Toronto?

Before going fully to York University Toronto Acceptance Rate, let’s know a little about York University. University of York Toronto, a public research university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was founded in 1959. Applying to York Institution is your best option if you want to study at the best university in Canada. This university has a reputation for producing excellent researchers.

With more than 200 of the world’s finest institutions as partners, York University has 25 research institutes and 11 faculties.

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They want to help their students grow into strong individuals who can address urgent social issues and build strong communities. York University guarantees that you will find employment soon after you graduate.

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Campuses of York University Toronto

In addition, York University Toronto has two campuses, one in Glendon and the other at Keele. The main campus is Keele Campus, and it is situated on the northern edge of Toronto. With a total area of 457 acres, this campus is now the biggest in Canada. Most of the university’s faculty members live in this area.

The second school with a multilingual liberal arts faculty is Glendon College. It is close to Toronto’s Lawrence Park. Because it has complete authority over both recruiting and admission, the Glendon campus is very well-liked by the York faculty.

Additionally, this university has a few other satellite campuses. The bulk of business and law-related degrees are available at Keele Campus.

york university toronto acceptance rate

What is the Average York University Toronto Acceptance Rate

For York University, there is no such definite acceptance rate. However, on average, this university accepts only under 27% of applicants. For instance, if 206,297 candidates self-enrolled, just 55,700 of them—43 percent men and 57 percent women—would be chosen.

In 2018, York University had an extraordinarily high undergraduate admittance rate of about 89 percent. York University has the greatest acceptance rate when compared to the other institutions in Toronto.

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Canadian Study Visa Procedure for the International Students

All foreign students who have been awarded Canadian scholarships or who have been accepted into any Canadian university must submit an application for a Canadian Student VISA. To apply for future enrolment, they must submit their visa documentation. The student must submit an application for both a visa and a study permit.

To prevent any last-minute issues, you can contact the Canadian Embassy to apply for the Canadian study permit and visa. You must submit the following supporting documentation when applying for a student visa:

  • university acceptance letter as evidence
  • Having a current passport and two new passport-size photos
  • Financial evidence

Admission Criteria to Apply in York University Toronto

Make sure you are aware of the submission dates before planning to submit an application for admission to York University.

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Verify that you fulfill the requirements and admission requirements for the topic for which you are applying. A personal statement must also be submitted. Both domestic and foreign students will go through a different application process.

The following crucial papers should be included with the admission form:

  • Official scanned copies of all Transcripts
  • Letter of Course Descriptions

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Requirements for English Language Proficiency at York University

While courses at the Glendon Campus are offered in both French and English, those at the Keele Campus are taught in English. Therefore, you should be aware of the language that will be used as a medium for the particular degree program before applying for admission.

When submitting a letter certifying your English language competency, you must adhere to a few fundamental guidelines. Your primary language and the length of time you spent studying English should be highlighted in the letter.

York’s Admission Requirements for the Canadian Students

A student who has graduated from a Canadian high school will be chosen for admission based on the results of their Grade 11 finals or, if requested, the Grade 12 finals.

york university toronto acceptance rate

York’s Admission Requirements for the International Students

Nearly 178 different nations submit applications to study abroad at York University each year. The fact that York University accepts applications from people with varied educational backgrounds is one of its finest features. Your secondary school diploma and high school diploma, together with a study visa for Canada, are requirements for admission.

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How to apply for admission at York University Toronto?

To check all the criteria for the program you intend to apply for, visit York University’s official website before submitting an application. Submit your TOEFL results and all of your valid academic transcripts.

Additionally, the applicant must present proof of citizenship and immigration status. Students who are older than 20 should additionally submit a CV, transcripts from any post-secondary education, and two-page personal letters.

How is the Student Life at York University Toronto?

Since there are both domestic and international students at York University, it is to be anticipated that you would have an opulent lifestyle while attending classes there.

To keep your body and mind active, you can engage in a variety of activities. Additionally, students can take part in a number of clubs, organizations, community initiatives, and student-run activities.

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Currently, York’s student entertainment is governed by more than 34 organisations and 300 student clubs. You will appreciate going to on-campus theater performances, activities put on by students, and much more.

In a nutshell, student life at YU is incredibly exciting and dynamic. You will have a wide range of opportunities for leisure, cultural, social, and wellness activities.

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FAQs for York University Toronto Acceptance Rate

What is the York University acceptance rate?

The admittance rate at York University is 89 percent for undergraduate programs and 11% for graduate programs. While York University’s total admission rate is little over 27% on average.

What percentage of graduate applications are accepted at York University?

The admittance rate for graduate students is about 11%.

Applying to York University: What is the process?

By visiting the official website, where all the information regarding the application submission and prerequisites is clearly stated, you may apply quickly.

View the program for which you wish to apply and understand the requirements for submitting an application. submit the TOEFL exam result and all certified academic transcripts. Your form is not complete if citizenship and immigration documents are not attached.

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In Conclusion

In conclusion, it is obvious that applying for admission to York University is not at all simple. Your acceptance percentage must be higher than theirs, which is 89%.

Without a question, YU is one of Canada’s top-ranked, most-desired institutions for students looking to receive a top-notch education. By submitting an application for York University’s next admissions, you can seize the chance to attend.


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