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9 Universities in Canada Without IELTS – Scholars Qoura

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Do you have any experience with Universities in Canada Without IELTS or any other English test? whichever way, you will learn about it today.

You are aware that universities in Canada, and not only Canada but all English-speaking nations, require overseas students to take the IELTS equivalent English tests as a condition of admission. This means that no matter how much knowledge you have if you cannot provide this, you will not be admitted.

That criterion, in any case, is mostly for international students who are not from one of these English-speaking countries. Some colleges do not require students from English-speaking nations to furnish this information prior to learning English.

Apart from the IELTS obstacle that overseas students seeking to study in Canada confront, there are still additional issues to contend with, such as accommodation, tuition costs, and so on, but there is always a way out.

International students who want to study in Canada as an undergraduate should review the Cheapest Universities in Canada for international students, which we compiled.

Also, for those interested in postgraduate studies, we have compiled a list of the 10 Free Masters Degree For International Students In 2022. You can keep an eye out for any of these opportunities, apply, and get on with your life.

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I’ve conducted a lot of research on studying in Canada, and the majority of my findings have been published. The majority of the research I do is inspired by questions some of you have asked on our social media accounts and here.

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In comparison to other study-abroad destinations, I’ve seen that international students are more interested in Canada and Australia. As a result, I’ve been doing a lot of research about studying and working in Canada.

An international student recently contacted me to voice his displeasure with the amount of money he had spent on admissions applications in Canada, and he asked if I could name some schools in Canada that do not charge application fees.

I endeavored to explore various Canadian institutions in this area and was able to produce a list of five Canadian universities where you can apply for free. Amazing! If you were not told, you may never know.

Some Canadian universities levy application costs ranging from $150 to $200, which is a significant financial burden for overseas students because these fees are non-refundable. They cannot be refunded once they have been paid, regardless of whether you are admitted or not.

So, here’s what I’ve discovered about universities in Canada that don’t charge an application fee. You can also check here https://scholarsqoura.com/2021/11/07/14-universities-in-canada-without-application-fee-for-all-student/. You can thank me later; for now, let’s focus on the issue that brought us together.

Before we get off track, this is about universities in Canada that do not require IELTS.

If you are not a natural English speaker, universities in Canada require you to take the IELTS test as part of your admission requirements, although there are exceptions.

If you have completed three or more years of official English-language instruction in your home country or elsewhere, you may be excluded from submitting an IELTS score prior to admission.

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You can also be exempted if you have completed an O’level or A’level in English, or if you were taught in English.

universities in canada without ielts

The list of Canadian colleges that offer IELTS exemption is as follows.

Universities in Canada Without IELTS


These colleges, unlike many others, are willing to provide you an IELTS exemption, and you can check them up when applying for admission without an IELTS score.

Scholarships are available to study at any of the universities listed above, so keep an eye out for and apply for scholarships to study in universities in Canada without IELTS to help you save money.

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