Harvard Kennedy School is offering Dubin Graduate Fellow Scholarship

Harvard Kennedy School is offering Dubin Graduate Fellow Scholarship

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Application is now open for emerging leaders that seek scholarship opportunities to continue their studies at Harvard Kennedy School; the application is for Dubin Graduate Fellow Scholarship. The Dubin fellow is currently accepting master’s degree students at Harvard Kennedy School this is mainly for people that have shown great excellence in both characters, academics, and learning as well as those who have the ability to thrive and show leadership in the face of difficulties and who have also shown outstanding commitment towards making turnaround impact in the communities they serve.

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Application Deadline

Stage 1

You are to apply to Harvard Kennedy School for this stage the deadline is December 2021

Stage 2

This is the stage you apply to the DubinFellowship, for this category the deadline is February 2022


Host Institution

The host institution for this particular scholarship is Harvard Kennedy School, USA. The University is also known as John F. Kennedy School of Government, it is at Harvard University. It is a public policy and a public administration school in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United State. The school address is 79 John F. Kennedy St, Cambridge, MA 02138, United States.


Degree Level

The scholarship is currently for the Master’s degree program

Number of Scholarship

The number of applicants that will be accepted into this scholarship program is currently not specified.

Scholarship Value:

  • The DubinScholarship Fellows are awarded Scholarship that covers all their tuition through their studies and also covering their health expenses for a period of 2 years, all subject to the length of their graduate degree program.
  • Fellows are entitled to an allowance of up to $5000 to finance their professional development.
  • Those that made it will show their potentials as leaders by proving great character, excellent academic credence, commitment to pursue a career with transformative impact on society.
  • Participants at the Dubin Fellows will have the opportunity to be a Robust Co-curricular Program that is offered by the Center for Public Leadership.

Eligible Countries

Both Domestic and International interested students intake in any of Harvard Kennedy School’s Master’s Degree Program.


  • Merit-based Award decision with consideration of Financial needs to be determined by Harvard Kennedy School Student Financial service.
  • For the period of 2 years degree program students will be availed with funds for the academics years, and as well support for the summer internship.
  • The opportunity is open to both domestic and international students venturing into any Harvard Kennedy School’s Degree Program.
  • Participation in the co-curricular program is a requisite of all fellows lasting till the duration of the award.

Harvard Kennedy School is offering Dubin Graduate Fellow Scholarship

Application Information

Application to the Dubin Fellowship is through the official Student Financial Website, follow the guide below;

  1. The applicant is to submit a biological profile that is not more than 150 words. This should be concise and straight to the point. You are advised to include viz;
  • An introduction including your name
  • The degree you wish to pursue at Harvard Kennedy School plus any other joint degree at Harvard or concurrent degree program in any other institution.
  • Your origin and where you reside currently.
  • An overview of your work and professional experience
  • Your leadership achievements, your awards, and certificates
  • Your educational qualifications and certificates, degrees earned and institutions attended.
  1. Evidence of written response to the following
  • Discuss a time in your life when you had to lead in adversity.

How that experience(s) has helped shape you as a person today and influence the way you lead.( not more than 750 words)

  • Discuss in brief your interest in the Dubin Fellowship Scholarship , how your leadership goals pushed you to apply.(not more than 200 words)
  1. You are advised to visit the official website for other information
  2. https://cpl.hks.harvard.edu/dubin-fellows-program-emerging-leadersthe official Website.
  3. For more scholarship offers, go to2022 Scholarship Application

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