7 Easy Steps on How to Become A Medical Doctor in Japan

7 Easy Steps on How to Become A Medical Doctor in Japan we will look at today. Are you working toward or have you already made progress toward your goal of enrolling in one of Japan’s top medical schools to study medicine? Do you wish to discover your chances of enrolling in a Japanese medical school?

Being a doctor is one of the most honorable and rewarding professions in the world. Furthermore, choose Japan as a study destination is a smart move.

Japan, a country in the northwest Pacific Ocean, is one of the most well-known nations on the East Asian islands. The Sea of Japan, which extends from Taiwan and the East China Sea in the south to the Sea of Okhotsk in the north, forms its western border. Japan is one of those Asian countries that attracts international students due to its top-notch medical schools and programs. However, becoming a doctor is not an easy task due to the requirements and procedures required.

In this post, the appropriate steps you can take to become a doctor in Japan are laid forth. These steps are easy to carry out. You would either need little to no help if you followed our instructions.

The qualifications you require to apply to medical schools in Japan are also provided by us. This indicates that the answers to all of your questions regarding studying in Japan will be provided at the end of this article.

If you’re looking to learn how to study and practice medicine in Japan, allow me to lead you on this short journey that gives you top-notch knowledge.

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how to become a medical doctor in japan

Is Japan Good To Study Medicine?

If you wish to study medicine in Japan, you have just made a great decision. Japanese medical schools are known for their popularity and proficiency in the education of medical specialists.

Being a doctor is a highly fascinating and intellectual job since medical students receive top-notch training in elite labs and research facilities.

In Japanese medical schools, you can get an M.D. or a PhD in medicine. Japan is a well-known tourist destination with a rich cultural and artistic legacy in addition to having outstanding academics.

You will surely love studying in Japan as you work toward your goal of becoming a doctor.

How Much Does It Cost To Study MBBS in Japan?

Medical school is undoubtedly more expensive than other degree programs when compared. In Japan, medical school is no different.

However, the cost of an MBBS in Japan is quite low when compared to well-known countries like the USA and UK. Students looking to study medicine in Japan should expect to pay around 535,800 YEN on average (INR 3,50,000).

The application price for the course, the exam, and the lodging, which could range from 90,000 to 150,000 YEN, will all be extra (INR 60,000- 1,00,000).

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Here is the List of 10 Best Schools to Become a Medical Doctor in Japan

Here are the top 10 institutions you can rely on to prepare you for a career as a medical doctor in Japan if you’re interested in studying at one of those institutions;

  • Nagoya University
  • Chiba University.
  • Tohoku University
  • Kyushu University
  • Keio University
  • Waseda University
  • Kyoto University
  • University of Tsukuba
  • Tokyo Medical University
  • Tokyo Medical and Dental University

What are the prerequisites for applying to medical schools in Japan?

Various prerequisites vary by institution and apply to studying in Japan. Some colleges will have additional prerequisites based on your course of study.

You must fulfill the requirements listed below before submitting an application for MBBS admission in Japan:

  • Applicants must be at least 17 years old.
  • You must have received an overall grade in class 12 of at least 50%.
  • You must have taken Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English in your senior year of high school.
  • For Indians, the NEET test is required.
  • A TOEFL or IELTS test may also be required for some universities.
  • When submitting an application for admission, you must include all of your certifications, including mark sheets and diplomas from your last educational institution.
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How Can I Become a Doctor of Medicine in Japan?

In addition to the requirements listed above, there are additional requirements you must fulfill in order to be qualified to practice medicine in Japan.

Additional skills and capabilities need to be shown while applying to medical schools in Japan to ensure that your application has a chance of being considered.

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how to become a medical doctor in japan

Below is the list of the 7 Easy Steps on How to Become A Medical Doctor in Japan, viz;

1. You must Know the Japanese Language.

One of the simple stages to becoming a doctor in Japan is to follow this one. One of the requirements for applying to Japanese medical schools is the ability to speak Japanese.


The majority of medical schools in Japan teach Japanese as their main language. All foreign students must learn the language in order to pursue medical studies in Japan.

We are aware that anyone who is not a native speaker of Japan or Asia will find it extremely challenging to master any East Asian language. Despite this, learning Japanese can be difficult, particularly when compared to other Asian languages like Mandarin.

The bad news is that learning could be time-consuming.

In Japan, it is possible to gain basic skills and instructions, but it is more difficult to become adept enough to study or work as a doctor. As a result, in order to practice medicine in Japan, you must fully understand this language.

It will be important for you to study in Japanese and pass the medical exams required to become a licensed doctor.

2. Study in Japanese Medical schools.

This is another step on this list of the easy steps on how to become a medical doctor in Japan. The following step is to submit an application to Japanese medical schools once you have conquered the language barrier. Studying medicine at a Japanese medical school is the quickest route to becoming a physician in that country.

It usually takes 6 years to become a doctor in Japan if you attend a medical school there. General education training is required of medical students for two years. But during the next two years, medical students will start taking lessons in applied medical sciences. Years 5 and 6 are set aside for clinical clerkships in university hospitals.

During the clinical internship, medical students will study a variety of topics relating to their field of interest. After six years, you must have acquired instruction in your field of specialization.

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3. You Must Pass the Japan Medical Examination

On the list of simple ways to become a doctor in Japan, this is a noteworthy step. To pursue a career as a doctor in Japan, you must pass the country’s medical examination.

Is that required?

Yes, passing the Japan medical exam is really important.

You must first apply in order to be allowed to take the final exams for a medical license in Japan. But unless you meet all the requirements, you won’t be allowed to apply. Applicants must also be medical students who have received their training in a Japanese medical school, so keep that in mind as well.

You can also apply for the most recent licensure exam in Japan if you are a foreign medical student who has finished a program that is comparable to those provided in Japan and is at least six years long.

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To apply for the aforesaid employment, you must have a current driver’s license issued in the nation where you earned your degree or finished your studies.

Please be informed that before requesting a Japanese medical examination, you must speak the language fluently. The test administrators must evaluate your language proficiency before you are allowed to take the exam.

You must have at least a N1 level in order to take the tests, per the language evaluation. Even though the N1 level is regarded as the absolute minimum in Japan, you will need more than that to have a better chance of admission to medical school.

4. You Must Complete a Residency Program.

One of the simple stages to becoming a doctor in Japan is to follow this one. The Japanese medical doctor training process includes an additional phase that requires completion of a resident program.

All aspiring medical professionals in Japan must complete a two-year residency program before they are allowed to practice as regular doctors. You must finish this before starting a clinic or getting a job at a hospital.

Furthermore, you have to finish your residency at a medical facility connected to a university.

In these predetermined locations, all prospective Japanese doctors are free to enroll in any course that interests them. They might choose to continue working in this area throughout their residency.

However, it’s important that you realize how difficult it might be for medical students who want to complete their residency outside of Japan before moving on.

The reason for this is that you will need connections with Japanese colleges and reputable letters of recommendation in order to make it happen promptly.

As a result, if you wish to become a doctor, we commonly suggest that you undergo residency programs in Japan.

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how to become a medical doctor in japan

5. Get Your Medical License.

This is one of the easy steps on how to become a medical doctor in Japan. You need a medical license to practice medicine in Japan after graduating from Japanese medical schools. To be able to practice medicine in Japan, you must pass the National Medical Practitioners Examination.

The outcomes of the National Medical Practitioners Examination determine whether you will be granted a medical license to practice in Japan. Actually, this license is a necessary devil. It is necessary to complete it in order to study to become a doctor in Japan.

Given the importance of this license, it’s also imperative to be aware that passing this exam is very challenging, especially for students from other countries. Although we don’t want to scare you, you already know what to expect.

If you have the appropriate language skills and technical knowledge, it is significantly simpler even though it isn’t much harder than prior final medical exams.

Passing this exam is a requirement for certification as a medical doctor in Japan. After earning your certification, you can practice medicine in Japan.

6. Obtain a Work Visa

One of the simple stages on how to become a doctor in Japan is to apply for a work visa. Yes, if you wish to practice medicine in Japan, you need a work visa. Professionals in the medical field are frequently covered by the normal Working Visa in Japan.

A work visa is normally easy to get in Japan. A local Japanese consulate or embassy in your country is where you must apply for a visa in person.

The following are the prerequisites you must meet in order to apply for a Japanese work visa:

  • Passport
  • Recent photograph
  • Certificate of Eligibility (COE).
  • Your position and anticipated income are described in writing in the letter from your firm.

You can be certain that you will get your work visa by using these data. Once you have a work visa, you are almost prepared to study medicine in Japan.

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7. Get a Job as a Medical Doctor

This is the final step on the list of simple instructions for how to become a doctor in Japan. Once you have everything you need to practice medicine in Japan, you will have finished all six of the aforementioned steps. But if you don’t land a job as a doctor, the news will keep mentioning it.

Once you have obtained your medical license, you are also free to open your own practice or hunt for work in a Japanese hospital. However, before you can do this, you must first complete the two-year mandatory residency requirement.

As a private practitioner, you can specialize in a particular branch of psychiatry. Psychiatrists are in scarce supply in Japan.

Starting a private practice there will not only guarantee that you are satisfied with your choice to pursue a medical education in Japan, but it will also boost your income.

However, if you want to work in a hospital, you can use any well-known online job-search engine. But bear in mind that it can be challenging for you to land a job at a Japanese hospital if you’re applying online and have little to no experience in the medical field.

It would be lot easier for you if you had solid contacts or someone who could recommend you. Once your road has been approved, your aspiration to study medicine in Japan has become a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Become a Medical Doctor in Japan.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Medical Doctor in Japan?

Medical school in Japan is typically completed in 6 years.

The first two years of study are devoted to basic science, the following two to applied medical studies, and the final two to an internship.

Can Foreigners Be Doctors in Japan?

Foreigners can absolutely pursue a career as a doctor in Japan.

Currently, Singaporean, French, British, American, and British doctors are working in Japanese hospitals.

Bilateral agreements with those nations are a requirement for several medical licenses that Japan issues. This implies that they are limited to seeing patients who are citizens of their own nation. They are unable to treat Japanese patients without a Japanese medical license, as was previously stated.

How Can I Become A Doctor in Japan?

Actually, there are two basic ways to become a doctor in Japan.

The first is to finish your medical training in Japan. The alternative is to finish your medical training somewhere else before taking a Japanese medical exam.

Can a Foreigner Study Medicine in Japan?

Absolutely! International students can enroll in a medical school in Japan.

In reality, Japan is among the countries in the world that welcome foreign visitors the most.

There is no exception, thus foreign students can enroll in Japanese medical schools to study medicine.

How Much Are Doctors Paid in Japan?

According to a 2019 survey, medical staff members at Japanese hospitals connected to medical corporations in Japan make an average of 16.4 million Japanese Yen each year.


It is possible to pursue a profession as a doctor in Japan, even for international students.

Whether or whether you attended Japanese medical schools, becoming a doctor is made simple by adhering to the procedures we mentioned above.

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