Call for nominations - UN-Habitat Scroll of Honour

Call for nominations – UN-Habitat Scroll of Honour

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The UN-Habitat Award, which was founded in 1989, honors people and organizations that have made remarkable contributions to urban development, such as raising the standard of living in cities or increasing the availability of adequate, affordable housing.

The COVID-19 pandemic issues, as well as best practices, initiatives, and cutting-edge solutions related to Sustainable Development Goal 1-1, may be taken into account by the selection committee when choosing the prize winners. Achievements in lowering greenhouse gas emissions will also be highlighted, in keeping with the Planet Habitat Day theme of accelerating urban activities for a carbon-free world.

Regional, national, and local governments, intergovernmental agencies or organizations, civil society, the commercial sector, academic associations, foundations, multilateral agencies, individuals, and the media are among the groups willing to be nominated.

Third parties must submit nominations using the online entry form in English. This page will contain all of the nomination submission strategies. The last day is August 8, 2021. On Monday, October 4, 2021, at the worldwide observance of World Habitat Day, approximately five winners will be chosen and presented with their awards. The UN-Habitat Scan of Honor nominees will be informed of the selection’s outcome by August 31, 2021.

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UN-Habitat (Us Human Settlements Programme)

UN-Habitat Encourages people living in cities and other human settlements to have a better future in urban areas. Works in more than 90 countries. A sizable percentage of its work involves responding to natural and man-made disasters as well as construction-related issues in a more innovative, safe, and ecologically responsible manner. Its own high impact programs, which involve working with authorities and neighborhood partners, combine world-class experience and local knowledge to provide swift and focused answers. SDG 1 1—to create cities that are resilient, long-lasting, safe, and sustainable—is a major Sustainable Growth Goal (SDG) in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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Some of the aims of UN-Habitat are;

Growing interlinkages between international agendas

Unlocking their full potential, utilizing all available resources, and leveraging resource growth outcomes at every level of government, over the United Nations system, and over the majority of stakeholders and sectors all depend on understanding the range of interdependencies, one of the global goals. This is being attempted by UN-Habitat through:

  • Developing a coherence among international agendas at the metropolitan level;
  • Enhancing Policy Coherence;
  • Driving advancement towards an integrated strategy

Placing an Integrated & all-inclusive reporting strategy

The majority of the coverage related to the New Urban Agenda is coordinated with the Statistics Division and draws on the multitude of data and indicators available from the 20-30 Agenda monitoring frame.

UN-Habitat is operating. Building on the global Sustainable Development Goal observation frame overseen by the Department of Economic & Social Affairs & the Statistics Division, the New Urban Agenda’s execution will be reported on in progressive steps (UNDESA)

UN-Habitat is functioning to see to these;

  • Providing something to sponsor userfriendly & interrogate info systems
  • Reinforcing partners platforms including involvement, involvement & venture
  • Putting partnerships within the UN System.

Call for nominations - UN-Habitat Scroll of Honour

Some plans that empower UNDP Scale throughout;

UN-Habitat is being repositioned as a significant global force and a hub of excellence and innovation under the Strategic Plan 2020-2023. In this sense, the company is focussing on its own niche as the authoritative source and thought leader who schedules and places the global dialogue on sustainable urban expansion.

Urban durability, according to UN-Habitat, is the quantitative capacity of any urban plan, along with its own citizens, to maintain goodwill despite any negative effects and concerns. Strength is viewed in the Strategic Plan as an essential transversal conundrum that connects UN-engagement Habitat’s with partners throughout the course of its own programs and projects.

With many SDG 1 1 goals specifically mentioning it, safety is of utmost importance to the 2030 Agenda, which seeks to achieve “a fully free of violence and terror” where individual habitats are more secure. The Strategic Plan acknowledges the importance of safety in guaranteeing fully improved urban living conditions, social inclusion, inequality reduction, and eliminating territorial and social exclusion practices.

The UNGA has given UN-Habitat the responsibility of promoting urban areas that are both environmentally and socially sustainable. In order to encourage governments to acquire accurate data on urban conditions and trends as well as to economically monitor and report on global goals, UN-Habitat was at the forefront of this movement (e.g. 20 30 Agenda, New Urban Agenda).

Building the capacities of local and national authorities, establishing local, regional, and international metropolitan observation mechanics, and supporting the collection, evaluation, and dissemination of metropolitan statistics are all included in this. Other approaches and tools created in this manner include the urban observatory version, the town Prosperity Initiative, and the federal sample of cities approach.

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