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Brock University Acceptance Rate | Requirements

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Do you have issues regarding the Brock University acceptance rate? It is smart to be curious to find out more information about the institutions on your list of possibilities as a potential student. But it’s best to be familiar with Brock University’s admission standards and acceptance rate (BU).

In the Ontario city of St. Catharines, Brock University (BU) was founded in 1964. BU is a prestigious co-educational institution. It offers classes and programs that formally result in degrees from colleges and universities with accreditation. In a variety of subject areas, the degrees include doctoral, master’s, and bachelor’s degrees. You may get a thorough description of Brock University’s admission rate in this article.

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brock university acceptance rate

Why Study At Brock University?

Prior to delving further into Brock University acceptance rate, it is important to understand some of the benefits of attending Brock. The Brock Institution is a public research institution that awards a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. It is situated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

It appears that this university offers PhD degrees in 49 different majors. As a result, Brock University is your best choice if you wish to attend school in Ontario, Canada.
The university stands out for being able to integrate computer science and mathematics into one of its curricula.

Through its 7 faculties, the college offers more than 70 undergraduate degrees and nearly 50 graduate degrees.

The Goodman School of Business, Humanities, Math and Science, Social Sciences, Applied Health Sciences, Education, and Graduate Studies are among the seven faculties.

The 97.2 percent employability rate at Brocks University makes it a wonderful pick as well. Of course, this is what every student desires! getting a job after graduating, correct?

What Is The Brock University acceptance rate?

When you consider the academic standing of the school and the Brock University acceptance rate, it is reasonable to say that Brock has a high acceptance rate. According to historical data on student enrollment at Brock University, only 19,000 of the approximately 21,000 candidates were finally accepted. Consequently, a total of 73 percent of applications are accepted.

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How Frequently Does Brock University Accept Foreign Students?

The admittance rate for international students at the institution is 11%, as can be seen from the tabular representation below.

International Students 11%
Those who applied 21043
Total number of students enrolled 1913

What Is The Acceptance Rate For Undergraduate Students At Brock University?

Brock University acceptance rate for undergraduates, Experiential learning is used as part of Brock University’s undergraduate program to make the material more applicable to real-world situations. As a result, there was a major rush to enter the school.

More than 20 various types of experience opportunities, ranging from reproductions to hands-on activities, are included in the courses. However, the table below shows the undergraduate admittance rate.

Undergraduate Programs 90%
Total No. of students who applied 18950
No. of students enrolled 17055

What Is Brock University’s Graduate Student Acceptance Rate?

Graduate courses generally offer students a pleasurable avenue to study their chosen disciplines, according to the acceptance rate for graduate students at Brock University. giving kids the chance to expand their horizons intellectually

Just the thought of receiving your graduate degree from Brock will put you in a successful professional position. But the admission rate for graduate students is depicted in the following graph.

Graduate Program 10%
No. of Applicants 17330
Total No. of students enrolled 1733

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What are the Admission Requirements For Brock University?

It is one thing to want to join Brock University; it is quite another to meet the entrance requirements in order to stand out from the crowd and be admitted to the prestigious institution. Due to this, we have carefully given the requirements according to their classification.

Admission Requirements For Out-Of-Province Students

Those who attend Brock University from other Canadian provinces are known as out-of-province students. Their requirements usually differ from those for admission on a regular basis. Consider looking at the list of them below.

  • Secondary school diploma.
  • The quantity and level of grade 12 courses that are allowed in your jurisdiction.
  • An average minimum of 70%.
  • English language proficiency requirements.
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brock university acceptance rate

Ontario Secondary School Students Admission Requirements

Among all Ontario universities, BU is the most popular choice of students from Ontario Secondary Schools. This is true since the university has made a name for itself through its reputation for demanding coursework, first-rate extracurriculars, and exceptional athletics. However, secondary school students from Ontario make up the majority of the institution’s applicants.

The criteria for admission for this group of candidates are listed below.

  • Having taken the Ontario Secondary School Diploma exam is required (OSSD).
  • Six 4U or 4M-level credits, minimum, from Grade 12, plus any prerequisites for the program.
  • A required admission average of 70% (many programs require a higher average).
  • You must fulfill the standards for English language competence.

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The Admission Requirements For Transfer Students

People who enrolled at Brock University after previously attending another recognized higher education school are referred to as “transfer students.” Even if you have already graduated or are currently enrolled in another program, you are still eligible to apply as a transfer student.

Programs have been developed to guarantee your academic, social, and personal experiences at B University while also requiring your change.

  • Your admission is awarded based on your most current academic work. Your overall academic achievement will thus be evaluated.
  • Only college students who successfully complete a semester of coursework with a cumulative average of 60% are eligible to be considered for admission.
  • Basically, you need to have had success academically at your former college.
  • Course requirements must be completed as equivalent courses from degree, college degree, diploma, or certificate programs in Ontario or at the senior secondary school level.
  • Brock University has a policy on course equivalence.
  • You must also demonstrate your English language proficiency.
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How Can I Apply To Brock University, Ontario?

You should go cautiously through the admissions procedure as a prospective Brock student. Moreover, exercise cautious when submitting your data. The position of the admissions website must be ideal for simple access.

  • Choose the curriculum of your choosing, confirm the prerequisites, and submit your online application solely through the official website.
  • Provide the certified academic records.
  • Describe your TOEFL or comparable test results.
  • Applications should be submitted and monitored through

FAQs On Brock University Acceptance Rate

The following are some frequently asked queries regarding the acceptance rate at Brock University. Through great and cutting-edge research, programs for experiential learning, teaching, and learning, Brock’s major objective is to support student achievement.

When Was It Established?

It was established in St. Catharines, Ontario, in 1964. Brock University is ranked third for student satisfaction and thirteenth overall among comprehensive institutions in Maclean’s University rankings.

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) requirements are for a minimum of six credits at the 4U or 4M level in Grade 12, including prerequisites unique to the program; a minimal average for admission is 70% (many programs want a higher average); You must fulfill the standards for English language competence.


First and foremost, U B’s rankings are what made it the top school among students. Because of this, the school has a greater acceptance rate than other Canadian universities, which is advantageous for its applicants.

Second, the school’s high employability rate is a clear advantage of graduating because it gives you access to a variety of opportunities.

I sincerely hope the information above helps you make the decision to pursue your studies at Brock University. It would also be fantastic if you fully utilized this.

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