Best Animation Schools in Canada

Top 10 Best Animation Schools in Canada 2024

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You may get all the information you could need about animation in Canada from these top animation schools in Canada that were discussed in this post. Canada is without a doubt one of the best countries to learn computer animation in order to become an expert. Along with a booming film and entertainment industry, there are numerous animation, video game, and visual effects studios.

So, if you’re serious about acquiring the best education, sign up for an animation course at one of Canada’s top universities or schools of animation right away.

In Canada, there are several universities and schools where you can pursue an arts degree in animation. A lot of art and film schools in Toronto, Ontario, and Vancouver, British Columbia, offer highly competitive degree programs in animation.

As you may well know, animation is a growing genre of art. The need for top animators in the media industry forces you to earn a degree that will provide you the qualifications needed for a rewarding profession.

Consequently, we’ll include Canada’s top animation programs in this post. We hope that by doing this, you won’t need to sift through numerous Canadian art schools on the internet.

Best Animation Schools in Canada

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Is Animation a Good Career?

An animation profession can be very fulfilling. In essence, your job is to produce moving visuals for usage in theaters, movies, and video games. Junior animator positions are frequently held by recent graduates in animation studios and production companies.

If you want to pursue a career as an animator, you will have the opportunity to work for major media companies around the country. You’ll be able to connect and network with a variety of media professionals in the industry, which will be to your advantage in the long run.

Do animators get paid well?

The median annual wage for animators, illustrators, and special effects professionals was $77,700, according to data from the BLS from May 2020.

As per Glassdoor, the national average is $74,000. The compensation for animators is dependent on experience, like many other occupations; senior animators or art directors can earn well into six figures.

Best Animation Schools in Canada

Next, we’ll showcase the top 10 animation programs in Canada. But you should be aware of the criteria we used to choose the top Canadian animation schools.

Our list of the best animation schools in Canada includes schools that:

  • They are thriving art schools, universities, or colleges with a focus on the fine arts.
  • These institutions at least provide a well-known animation course that equips students for employment in the field,
  • Use a hands-on method while instructing a thorough animation program.

Here is a list of our top 10 animation schools in Canada based on the aforementioned criteria.

The top 10 animation programs in Canada will then be highlighted. But you should be aware of the standards we utilized to select the best animation programs in Canada.

The following institutions are on our list of the top universities for animation:

  • Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design
  • Sheridan College
  • Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver
  • Capilano University
  • Seneca College
  • Vancouver Institute of Media Arts
  • The Art Institute of Vancouver
  • Vancouver Film School
  • Ontario College of Art and Design
  • Emily Carr University of Art and Design

We shall list these schools in descending order in the next section.

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1. . Capilano University

Location: Vancouver, BC

Tuition: CAD $31,644 – $66,867

One of Canada’s top universities for animation is Capilano University. If you want to learn 2D and 3D computer animation, you should think about enrolling at Capilano University. Capilano University offers a two-year 3D Animation for Film & Games Diploma program as well as a two-year 2D Animation & Visual Development Diploma program.

Like several of Capilano’s prior students, your training in animation and animation design will position you for profitable career in TV animation.

On the other side, the Canadian 3D animation program will provide you the innovative skills required for a fulfilling career in the computer graphics and animation industries.

If you choose to complete these two diploma programs at Capilano, you will be preparing yourself to join the happy list of graduates working at 20th Century Fox, Rockstar, Dreamworks, and EA.

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2. Vancouver Institute of Media Arts

Location: Vancouver, BC

Tuition: CAD $25,750.00 – $31,750.00

One of the top animation programs in Canada is offered by the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. You may hone and unleash your creative talent at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (Vanarts).

This Vancouver arts college ensures that every student studies to become the best possible student intellectually, creatively, and emotionally in order to prepare for a satisfying career. However, Vanarts only offers an Animation curriculum that lasts a full year.

Your life could be completely changed by a full-time program like Vanarts 2D/3D Character Animation. For the big screen, their past students have produced innovative animation.

Eight Vanarts grads from Sony Pictures worked on the well-liked Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse movie. A nearby animation studio also picked 19 Vanarts alums to work on the Pokemon: Detective Pikachu movie.

If you already know you’re meant for greatness, one year at Vanart’s may be all you need to launch your career into the spotlight.

Their 2D/3D animation program emphasizes character animation through body mechanics and performance in addition to giving a strong foundation in modeling, lighting, character creation, and art direction.

Of course, you’ll work with tools that are used in the industry and learn from prominent professors.

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3. Sheridan College

Location: Oakville, Ontario

Tuition: CAD $9,733 – $28,492

One of Canada’s top universities for animation is Sheridan College. Sheridan College’s Faculty of Animation, Arts, and Design (FAAD) is a unique complete animation school in Canada. You can train for a career as an actor, animator, director, designer, or artist through the faculty’s 37 programs.

If you wish to study animation in Canada, Sheridan College is one of the institutions to take into account. This Canadian animation school, which has produced multiple Academy Award-winning animators, offers an Honors Bachelor of Animation.

This course will take you on a challenging yet enjoyable journey where you’ll learn from business experts that employ a hands-on teaching approach and allow you to express yourself freely.

You will also learn the foundations of conventional 2D and 3D animation. One of the best things about this program is that you get to study in the field by taking part in a three-month internship.

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4. Vancouver Film School

Location: Vancouver, BC

Tuition: CAD $10,500 – $53,250

One of Canada’s top universities for animation is Vancouver Film School. Are you thinking about specializing in one particular kind of animation? After that, think about the Vancouver Film School. You can prepare for a glittering career in acting, animation, film and television production, screenwriting, programming, makeup, sound, or interactive or game design by attending Vancouver Film School (VFS), an art college in Canada.

The institution’s post-secondary programs will instruct you in the most current and sought-after methods to enable you to become any of these.

The great thing about VFS is that they provide a number of animation courses that could assist you in specializing in a particular area. Classical animation, animation concept art, and 3D animation & visual effects are the available options.

Modeling and visual effects are taught in a 12-month diploma program called VFS 3D Animation & Visual Effect.

Sketching, animation, and fundamental art direction are all covered in its 12-month classical animation diploma curriculum.

VFS Animation Concept Art also offers a 12-month diploma program. However, this program specializes in creating animated environments and characters.

Visual Arts Vancouver is a force to be reckoned with because it ranks first globally in both animation programs and international animation schools.

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Best Animation Schools in Canada

5. Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Tuition: CAD $11,850 – $14,000

One of the top animation colleges in Canada is Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design. The Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design is one of the places in Canada where you must go to get a full education in animation.

It ranks among the best institutions in Canada for animation. Max provides four-year diploma programs in Classical & Computer Animation and Production, Illustration & Storytelling for Sequential Arts, and Concept Art for Animation & Video Games.

Max the Mutt’s animation program is distinctive in that its instructors are working professionals with ties to the field.

As a result, you will not only learn from industry experts but also forge a reliable network for the future.

Additionally, in your third and fourth years in Max the Mutt’s animation curriculum, you will study 2D and 3D computer animation.

You’ll leave Max the Mutt with a solid portfolio, a demo reel, the skills required to write a cover letter and résumé, an online profile page, and the professionalism required to conduct oneself in an interview as a consequence.

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6. Ontario College of Art and Design

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Tuition: CAD $1,479.36 – $5,716.88 p/credit

One of the top animation programs in Canada is offered by Ontario College of Art and Design. Oh yeah, the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD U) is included on the list because it is a necessary institution to mention when referring to an arts degree in Canada.

OCAD University is Canada’s biggest and most comprehensive art, design, and media university. There is only one Bachelor of Arts in Animation program offered by OCAD.

On the other hand, OCAD University is considered as one of Canada’s top medical schools because it offers a comprehensive 4-year degree program.

The OCAD University’s Digital Painting and Expanded Animation (Drawing & Painting) program lasts four years.

In this curriculum, you will learn the principles of sketching and painting and also experiment with stop motion, 3D animation, and 2D visual effects.

After completing the program, OCAD will grant you a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation (BFA).

Because of the program’s flexibility, you can graduate with a wide range of professional opportunities, including artistic practice, animation, mural painting, film, video, and television production.

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7. Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Location: Vancouver, BC

Tuition: CAD $2,764.17 – $10,216.89 (18 Credits)

One of Canada’s top universities for animation is Emily Carr University of Art & Design. Another of the top animation colleges in Canada on our list is Emily Carr University of Art and Design, which offers two degree programs in animation.

Four colleges of this Canadian university provide top-tier degree, certificate, continuing education, graduate, and research options in the areas of media, design, and art. The university is a wholly art-focused institution of higher learning.

However, Emily Carr offers two majors in animation: 2D + Experimental Animation and 3D Computer Animation.

Graduates of these two 4-year programs receive a Bachelor of Media Arts degree. The 2D + Experimental Animation Major embraces various animation mediums and production methods. The development of students’ analytical and creative thinking skills.

They explore many forms of narrative storytelling using traditional animation employing both traditional and digital drawing techniques. The 3D computer animation major at Emily Carr, on the other hand, brings animation to life.

Through the program, students can acquire hands-on experience in the development of animation, preparing them for careers as independent or commercial artists after graduation.

But it’s not the only thing that Emily Carr’s former pupils have accomplished. Emily Carr students produced the award-winning “Late Night” animation as well as the CGI animated short film “Lucky.”

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8. The Art Institute of Vancouver

Location: Vancouver, BC

Tuition: CAD $44,625 – $57,750

One of Canada’s top universities for animation studies is the Art Institute of Vancouver. LaSalle College or the Art Institute of Vancouver are two more of the best colleges in Canada that offer degree programs in animation.

Even if the Art Institute of Vancouver has produced some outstanding graduates, they might not be outspoken about it. Former employee Calista Chandler works with Disney on numerous Disney XD productions.

The Art Institutes of Vancouver offers a 7-quarter-long diploma program in animation art and design. Before going on to 2D animation, 3D animation, modeling, acting, and pantomiming in this session, you’ll study the fundamentals of drawing, color, design, and computer programs.

Graduates of the Art Institute of Vancouver’s Animation degree can work as entry-level 3D animators, 2D animators, Motion Capture artists, etc.

9. Seneca College

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Tuition: CAD $10,469

One of Canada’s top universities for animation is Seneca College. Seneca College is one of the places where you may turn your passion into a career. Its arts, animation, and design curriculum is among the best in Canada.

Some of its animation programs include 3D animation, animation, game art and animation, and visual effects for film and television.

Seneca College makes it impossible to dislike studying animation with its practical learning experiences and engaging course material.

Seneca’s 3D animation certificate program will improve your skills in modeling, rigging, lighting, rendering, and composition.

The three-year advanced diploma in animation program is offered. Seneca College offers graduate certificate programs that run eight months in both the Visual Effects for Film and Television program and the Game Art and Animation program.

Because Seneca College provides so many various kinds of animation, it made our list of the best animation colleges in Canada.

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10. Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver

Location: Vancouver, BC

Tuition: CAD $36,458.00

One of the top animation programs in Canada is offered at the Visual College of Art and Design in Vancouver. Visual College of Arts and Design is another comprehensive arts college in Canada that offers a degree program in animation (VCAD). The animation course at VCAD is called 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design. This curriculum will equip you with the skills necessary to succeed as a 3D Lighting Specialist, 3D Character Artist, 3D Texture Artist, and 3D Character Animator.

Thanks to their standing in the industry, VCAD is one of Canada’s best universities for 3D animation. Over the course of their 4-year diploma program, they instruct you in game programming, developing and animating 3D characters utilizing technologies used in the business, creating scenarios, gaming environments, and storyboards.

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In Conclusion

British Columbia (BC) and Ontario are the best provinces in Canada for earning a degree in animation. The best places to study animation are in Canada. Although there may be additional animation colleges in Canada, our list of the best animation schools in Canada might help you achieve your objectives.

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