8 Cheapest Universities in Portugal for International Students

8 Cheapest Universities in Portugal for International Students

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Before we continue on to the cheapest universities in Portugal, let’s first talk about what you know about Portugal. Because it is one of the most popular tourist destinations and a popular location for year-abroad degrees for foreign students, Portugal is a nation that everyone is familiar with.

Although the nation has a more than a thousand-year history, it is best known for its intricate web of traditions and culture as well as its stunning landscape.

The country’s most alluring features include the stunning scenery, inspiring beaches, large cities, and somewhat warm climate.

However, this does not cover all of the potent and alluring features Portugal has to offer to each and every potential student.

The majority of Portugal’s higher education institutions offer a thorough education and let students choose from a range of courses and academic specialties. Students might choose to enroll in a more specialized institution if they want to pursue further technology education.

Potential international students will have an engaging academic experience when they take into account the nation’s stunning scenery, which runs from the mountain ranges to the coastal strip, the vibrant cities’ cultures, and the country’s temperate Mediterranean environment.

Over the past few decades, the nation’s economic development has significantly increased. The government of Portugal has committed to increasing the number of international students studying there during the following ten years.

The ACTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) option is used by Portuguese educational institutions for exchange, enabling students to study at a variety of European universities or higher education institutions of their choice.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of Portuguese universities that provide the most affordable tuition rates and strong academic prospects. Financial worries are common among students, but don’t worry! We are confident that the details in this article will give you a thorough understanding of what Portuguese institutions have to offer.

How many universities are there in Portugal?

Portugal has had universities since the early 13th century. However, as of 2019, the nation boasts a handful of private and polytechnic universities in addition to roughly 20 public higher education institutions.

Is it possible to study in Portugal just in English?

Portuguese is the primary language of instruction in Portuguese universities. However, many schools also provide English-taught programs; as a result, finding the courses offered just requires consulting the university’s catalog.

It could be difficult for international students to study in Portugal. To help international students with this process, we’ve posted a guide on How to Study in Portugal for International Students. Check out this manual if you’re interested in learning more about the required documents, the application process, and the application for a student visa.

What are the living expenses for a student at a Portuguese university?

The cost of living and tuition are frequently viewed as being much lower than in most European countries due to the large number of affordable universities available to international students in Portugal. The average cost of living is roughly $900 USD per month, whereas the average tuition at one university is about $1500 USD each academic year.

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There are numerous methods in which foreign students can study for free in Portugal. Check out How to Study for Free in Portugal if you’re interested (9 Steps).

Is it possible for overseas students to work in Portugal?

International students from the EU/EEA are free to work at most European universities (especially those in EU member states). On the other hand, students from outside the EU/EEA are permitted to work part-time, casually, for up to 20 hours per week.

Cheapest Universities in Portugal for International Students

1. University of Porto

The Institution of Porto is a public research university that was established in 1911. With more than 30,000 students enrolled, this esteemed institution, which is situated in the charming city of Porto, is the second-largest university in the nation.

The academic profile of the university includes 15 schools of study as well as additional academic departments, all of which are dispersed across three main locations.

Through its numerous faculties, the university offers more than 600 undergraduate and graduate-level courses and degrees. Research and development are also given a lot of attention at this university, giving the campus amenities a strong scientific edge.

Over 50 top-tier research institutions are currently housed at this affordable university in Portugal, all of which have a substantial impact on the potential. Additionally, the university’s standing in the world improves year after year.

Foreign students from more than 100 nations other than Portugal make up about 15% of the current student cohort.

Due to its outstanding academic reputation, the university has constantly been ranked among the top 10 higher education institutions in Portugal and among the top 300 universities in the entire world (according to the ARU Rankings)

2. University of Lisbon

Public research university University of Lisbon, which is situated in the nation’s capital city of Lisbon, is currently the biggest institution of higher learning in the nation.

The old University of Lisbon and the Technical University of Lisbon merged to form the institution in 2013, but it has a long history that dates back to the late 13th century.

The academic organization, which focuses on a wide range of subjects including law, science, and medicine as well as geography, economics, and pharmaceutical studies, is made up of more than 18 main faculties and institutes of study. Through its numerous campuses, the university offers its student body a total of approximately 400 majors and courses of study.

This esteemed institution has more than 45,000 students as of 2019, which is one of the reasons it is regarded as the largest university in the nation. Another factor that draws in international students is the abundance of degree programs with an English teaching component.

Students gain from the university’s location in the nation’s capital because it exposes them to Portuguese culture and a welcoming community and offers them opportunities that aren’t available at other universities.

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3. University Institute of Lisbon

Next on our list of the least expensive universities in Portugal is the University Institute of Lisbon (Institute Universitario de Lisboa or the ISCTE). With almost 9000 students enrolled, the institute, which was formed in 1972 and is a relatively recent addition to the Portuguese higher education system, has developed into a strong and diverse educational hub.

It started off as a business school that focused on teaching business studies and labor science. A business school, a school of social and human sciences, a school of sociology and public policy, and a school of technology and architecture are presently among its four academic schools.

The campus is situated in the Cidade Universitaria municipality in cooperation with other educational institutions including the University of Lisbon. Two additional important research organizations are the Institute of Telecommunications and the Portuguese Business Research Institute.

Thanks to its growing supremacy in academia and research, the ISCTE has developed into a full-fledged research institution that is among the best in the nation. Additionally, the institution grants degrees at several levels, including short-term, doctoral, undergraduate, and postgraduate degrees.

4. University of Minho

A public institution with campuses spread out over the nation’s northern regions is called the Institution of Minho.

The organization was established in 1973 with the intention of popularizing the idea of “new universities” in the nation. This marked a turning point for Portugal’s higher education system, with numerous new institutions opening across the country.

However, due to unfavorable conditions, the administration decided to split the site into smaller campuses, which is why the majority of this excellent university’s students live in Braga and Guimaraes.

With more than 20,000 students, this low-cost university in Portugal is also one of the biggest in the north (as of 2019).

Despite being very young, the university has developed into a top-tier organization that is frequently ranked among the top 100 universities under 50. The Times Higher Education program has also been ranked as one of the top 500 universities worldwide.

Numerous academic programs are offered by the university, including those in medical, architecture, the social sciences, engineering, law, the sciences, and psychology. The college provides more than 100 degrees in total to its student body.

5. University of the Azores

The Institution of the Azores, which is situated on the Azores islands, is the only public research university outside of Portugal’s continental territory. With the intention of enhancing the nation’s higher education system and sustainable development, this school was founded in 1976, just after Portugal’s Carnation Revolution.

With more over 5000 students enrolled, it is composed primarily of three main campuses that are spread across three different areas of the Azores. The university’s unconventional environment makes for an engaging educational experience, yet because to its many exchange programs, it continues to annually draw a sizable number of international students.

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Numerous schools and departments of study make up the institution. Despite the fact that Portuguese is the predominant language of instruction, the institution continues to place a strong emphasis on offering lots of English-language courses to students from abroad.

6. University of Algarve

A public research university having campuses in Faro and Portimao is the University of Algarve. One of the oldest in the nation, the institution was established in 1979 as a member of a new wave of Portuguese universities.

Since then, it has expanded into a large, well-known institution with more than 8000 students. International students from more than 70 countries make up about 20% of the student body.

Despite having typically top-notch academic offerings, this low-cost institution in Portugal concentrates on “Sea, Health, Food & Wellbeing, Arts & Heritage, and Tourism.”

7. University of Coimbra

One of the world’s oldest universities currently in operation is the University of Coimbra, which was established in 1290.

It is a renowned public university with a campus in Lisbon that moved to Coimbra, nevertheless. The city is renowned for being among the most diverse and colorful in the entirety of Lisbon, and its students can choose from a wide variety of customs.

The university currently has over 25,000 students who have access to one of the most complete educational systems in the nation. The university’s eight faculties include those for the humanities, law, medicine, engineering, social science, technology, and sports.

The university strives to maintain a strong international perspective while having about 12% of its student body from abroad. Although the university has high academic standards, one benefit is that tuition is less expensive, thus it is well worth applying.

8. Catholic University of Lisbon

Tuition fees: From EUR 5500

Our list of low-cost institutions in Portugal is completed by the Catholic Institution of Lisbon, a public university in the city of Lisbon. It is the only organization in the nation that is managed by the government and collaborates with the Catholic Church.

The university, which was established in 1967 with a focus on philosophy education, now has about 11,000 students enrolled. It is also home to notable institutions like the Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics and has 18 faculties of study.

I sincerely hope that my article on cheapest universities in Portugal was helpful. If you’re interested, check out the Cheap Tuition Category!

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